Performance Overview Acoustic Laboratory

Acoustic Laboratory

We test, develop and optimize home appliances and other technical noise sources.

With 15 years of experience in the acoustic development of home appliances we excel in:

  • Sound power / noise measurement of home appliances according to IEC/EN 60704 and other specifications.
  • Measurement of vibration and structure-borne noise.
  • Development of noise reduction measures.
  • Development of sound concepts.
  • Cost optimization of noise insulation.
  • Acoustic consulting for new developments.
  • Noise declaration according to regulations of the energy label.
  • Competitive comparison.

Scope of services:
Inventory - Analysis - Design of action plan - Testing - Constructive elaboration - Pattern creation

Technical equipment:

  • Semi-unechoic test room
  • Inner dimension LxWxH 510x395x280
  • Background level <15dB(A)
  • Water, sewage, ventilation, constant voltage
  • Video surveillance
  • Sound power measurement up to 4h
  • One-third octave and FFT analysis
  • Structure-borne noise analysis
  • Noncontact vibration measurement

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