Thinking of ourselves only three years ago, three characteristics jump into our minds:

A European company with a big American customer with no previous knowledge of the business environment in Mexico.

It took us a great deal of time and energy to get to know the business environment in Mexico, to make the appropriate contacts, to hire the right managers and to begin to make a profit from our initial investment.

We now know that like us, many companies in the world find themselves in the same situation. They need to become global to follow their customers.These opportunities are opposed by high financial risks in a difficult environment.

We believe that mistakes should not be made twice.

Our cooperation concept allows small and midsized companies to find synergies, to integrate experiences and ideas and to be lead to a healthy growth through cost sharing.

In collaboration with you we find the suitable form of cooperation taking into account the size, activity and special necessities of your business.

Possible forms of cooperation:

  • Service contract
  • Cooperation contract
  • Joint venture