Mexico is a large economy and the most important gateway to Latin America. The country has a very strategic location. It offers not only a very good opportunity to enter one of the most expansive markets in the whole world, the North American market, but also possesses sea access to European, South American and Asian markets. Its dynamic and young work force (average of 26 years) and the considerably low manufacturing labor costs make Mexico a very attractive location for any business planning to expand their operations to North America.

Hence the Mexican automotive production belongs to the ten biggest in the world and is to take up the eighth rank in short term. A lot of first and second tier supplier from Europe, Asia and the United States follow their clients and contribute to the further growth of the Mexican economy.

Mexico and the vast American market offer uncountable opportunities to companies. Yet patience and perseverance is acquired. Companies and decision makers need to get knowledge of the foreign culture and learn to understand that there are clear cultural differences.

Given this, the RavenCluster with its concept of cooperation, mutual trust and long term partnership decided to work with like-minded companies who are looking for a risk minimized entrance into the Mexican market.