IMMEX Program

IMMEX Program

The IMMEX program is an instrument which allows for the export of temporarily imported goods, which are necessary in an industrial process or service destined to the elaboration, transformation or reparation of those goods temporarily imported, to be exempt of the general import tax, the value added tax and in some cases the compensatory quotes.

As long as the beneficiary keeps fulfilling both, the requirements that granted the permit in the first place and the obligations acquired by joining the program, the IMMEX effect persists


  • Strengthens the competitiveness of the export sector of Mexico.
  • Grants transparency and continuity to the operations of the companies by simplifying ways of operations and setting requirements.
  • Decreases logistics and administrative costs.
  • Stimulates the attraction and withholding of foreign investment.
  • Represents a benefit for over 85 % of the manufacturing export industry of Mexico.

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