Companies in the Cluster Statement from Peter Steinl - LWB Steinl

Peter Steinl – LWB Steinl:

„LWB is a manufacturer of rubber injection (molding) machines for the automotive industry with its place of business in Altdorf near the Munich airport. In several phases of expansion our todays advanced manufacturing facility was developed with over 200 employees. To meet the global needs of our customers, we have set up service centers all over the world and furthermore maintain offices in Pittsburgh, United States and in Langfang, Beijing/China for several years now.

To strengthen our presence in Mexico and to provide our customers with the usual LWB customer service locally, we have established LWB México in a cooperation with the company RavenRubber at the beginning of 2011. Together, we are now able to offer our customers a fast and efficient service from our Monterrey location. With RavenRubber we have found a partner who is familiar with the operations of a company in Mexico, a fact we could benefit enormously from!

With the expertise and support from RavenRubber we were fortunately able to avoid the problems which one usually faces in a foreign country. The additional possibility to present our products and services within the RavenCluster contributes significantly to the higher presence of LWB in Mexico. We are very pleased to have found a competent partner in Mexico, with which we can significantly increase our customer focus."