Companies in the Cluster Statement from Albert Saydam - Tekno Kaucuk

Albert Saydam – Tekno Kaucuk:

„Tekno Kaucuk is a Turkish rubber technical part manufacturer with a significant business volume in North America.

Although we had no quality issues and customers were very satisfied with our technical services, the logistic costs in general were getting more and more in the focus of our annual discussions. A change had to be made. Fortunately we heard about the RavenCluster through acquaintance, who found themselves in a similar situation and felt immediately drawn to its benefits. Of course this concept has its own challenges, as being so flexible implies a constant dialogue and compromises.

We are now successfully producing in Mexico with injection machines upon a production area of about 2.000 m². Furthermore two application engineers work for us in the North American market. We share all the administrative costs with the RavenCluster members and expect to have a return on investment 80% faster than if we had started in Mexico on our own.

In terms of business, I can only recommend the decision of becoming a member of the RavenCluster as it was one of the smartest we have ever taken.”