Unternehmen im Cluster Statement von Albert Saydam - Tekno Kaucuk

Albert Saydam - Tekno Kaucuk:

"Tekno Kaucuk is a Turkish manufacturer of industrial rubber parts with a considerable volume of business in North America.

Although we had no quality problems and our customers are very pleased with our technical service always, the logistics costs in general were becoming an issue. Something had to happen. Fortunately, we were, who were in a similar situation, pay attention to the RavenCluster and were enthusiastic about its benefits immediately.

Such cooperation concept brings without doubt his own risk. So we have found, for example, that such a degree of flexibility has to be continuous dialogue and compromise.

We now have a successful production in Mexico with injection machines up to 460 tons on a production area of ​​approximately 2,000 m². Furthermore two application engineers are working for us in the North American market. We share all administrative costs with the Rave cluster members and expect faster by 80% return on investment, as if we had started in Mexico on their own.

From an economic point of view, I can decide to join the RavenCluster, only friend. She was one of the brightest we have ever met. "