Growth through Cooperation.

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More about the RavenGroup
Founded in 2007 with the production company RavenRubber as its first venture, starting operations in Mexico for the household appliance industries, the RavenGroup has started a sustainable growth with firm basis. Its cooperation-based business model has allowed our company to successfully start and operate over 15 ventures over the past 10 years, taking leverage on a great network of collaboration in 8 countries and with 250 collaborators around the world.
The RavenGroup is a network of business ventures which are active in different areas.

We grow through cooperation, joint-ventures and trustful networking without losing our independence. Our organization is and will remain family-oriented with a strong environmental awareness and social responsibility.

Due to our ability to cooperate, we take a leading position in our business areas. The recognition of synergies and the integration of strengths of our partners allow us to break new ground and grow in a healthy manner.
The RavenGroup creates suitable environments for cooperation of all kinds for like-minded small and mid-sized companies to grow successfully together in the market.

We establish partnerships in production, trade, development, and services.

Our recipe for success is based on long-term relationships and trust, which is created by a steady communication with our partners and the mutual use of respective skills and strengths.
A Message From Our Founder

Welcome to the RavenGroup,

A group of different business ventures and cooperation modules for small and mid-sized companies looking for a smooth ramp-up in the North American Market.

With our 10-year manufacturing and working experience in the automotive and the household appliance industry in Mexico and North America, we look forward to expand our network by creating new suitable synergy solutions for our customers and partners.

Our goal is to create a strong broad business network of companies sharing the same ideas and values by collaborating in a way that minimizes operation costs and expansion risks.

Our Values

We live from the market. And we adapt not only to its needs, but we also react proactively and keep constantly in change. Flexibility is our strength and the requirement for clients, collaborators and partners’ satisfaction. Flexibility is the basis of our international success.
We create relationships rooted in trust, commitment and mutual satisfaction.
Long Term
We firmly believe in maintaining and valuing the continuity of our relationships with our partners, clients and collaborators of the Raven network, this has helped us to further grow and develop.
We believe in the power of synergies and of joining efforts, talents and experiences to create more human and business value.
Our Ventures

Interested in Cooperation?
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